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12" Fjernsyn i farver (Special Limited Rejected 12" Vinyl) #56050

Fjernsyn i farver (Special Limited Rejected 12" Vinyl) See Larger Images and Variations
Purple color in color
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Release Date: May 4, 2018

This is a vinyl version that was rejected by the record label due to not meeting the visual standards. VERY limited.

Tusmørke is a psychedelic, progressive folk rock band from Skien, Norway. “Fjernsyn i farver” (“Colour Television”) is their 6th full length album, loosely based on two concepts of light, time and reality. How everything we see is a reflection made by light from the sun hitting an object - The reflected light is registered by our eyes, but the reflection is also sent out in all other possible directions, travelling at the speed of light. The unobstructed reflections would travel forever onwards into space. If we could devise a means to move faster than light, we could overtake these reflections and view them again, seeing history backwards

The second idea is that light is not seen as anything until it hits something and is reflected back, creating an image in colour for the human eye. So if there were no physical objects to reflect the light, there would be an eternal totality, a darkness of sorts, since light would not be seen.

All very mind-blowing, but Tusmørke are not afraid of anyone or anything - not even bafflingly complex theories of existence. They gladly tackle, grapple and wrestle with ideas they barely comprehend, yet keenly perceive to be significant.

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